Lady Jane Grey

Collage is a new medium for me. The only time I’ve ever done one was for elementary school science, where we cut out pictures instead of colors. But I’ve literally been doing nothing for the last few days, and i figured it’s something new to try and a good way to pass the time. I knew right away that i wanted to do a three-quarter profile, so i went to google images to find my reference. and here’s what i found:

This is Lila Lee, a well-known actress during the silent movie era. She is going to be what my collage is based off of. So i dug through the recycling and found a catalog for Toms. I chose it because it had a lot of earthy tones, and it wasn’t glossy, which is exactly what i wanted. I found the colors i wanted, and cut squares of them into piles, trying to keep them organized:

Then, i did a quick sketch as a guide:

And i began the collage. Only five minutes in, my neat organized piles looked like they were the debris of a tornado:

And finally, after about four hours, the finished product:

I’ve been trying to come up with the name of this piece as i write this post, hoping that that will also become the title. The name that keeps popping into my head is Lady Jane Grey, as in the “Nine Days Queen”. Although this isn’t Lady Jane Grey, I don’t think it came out as Lila Lee, either. she was just the starting guide to this whole new person. But I think she just looks like a Lady Jane Grey, so I will name her after the “Nine Days Queen.”

And besides, she kinda looks like her, too:


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