If you haven’t noticed with the posts Constellations and Il ya Plusieurs Lunes…, I’m really into stars right now. Im fascinated by them. Honestly, I have to thank my science teacher, Ms. Stansell, for that. Before her class last year, i never really noticed the stars or constellations. After becoming more aware of them,  I couldn’t take my eyes of them.  I thought astronomy was my least favorite subject, until we studied stars. And now that it’s summer, and up here in Seattle it’s finally not raining long enough for you to see them, I’m constantly inspired by them. Like last night, I did this sketch, which was one of the many star-inspired sketches (and my have also been a bit inspired by listening to Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love” on a loop for an hour.) :Personally, i like the computer edited one better. It needed some color:


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