St. James Cathedral

I am hardly religious at all, but i do appreciate the art and architecture that religion creates.  So, for the first time in about 7 years, I went to church–St. James Cathedral in Seattle.  Absolutely beautiful.
DSC_0002e DSC_0005e DSC_0019bw23 DSC_0029e


5 thoughts on “St. James Cathedral

  1. I agree! (I have said it before, but it can it can be said again). I was about to say something similar, I really like your pictures (not only photos), can´t put the finger on it really. They are just good, they have some inner quality. They are poetry for me, they are not tensed or stiff, just full of life. They are not just matter, they have something more. They are like good songs or something.

    Do you play music by the way?

    • Thank you so much! You really have no idea how happy it makes me that people are enjoying my work and seeing what I’m trying to express (and now somewhat successfully!) I love that you would compare it to songs. I don’t play music–I wish I did–but I am a huge music junkie.

  2. Thats good! :) Yes you are very good in what you are doing, I think, you are very talented, I really like your work. Ah, I see. I am sure you could. It s actually a very good combination, even just for practice. I have no doubt you have a musical ear (or however you say it in English). For me all these things are very closely connected. I feel it is much more easy to express things in picture etc, and in life, when also playing some piano, or guitarr, sometimes. Anyway all is kind about rhytm, relations between, shapes, forms, sounds towards other sounds etc. But that´s my idea though. :) Tadam! Looking forward to new great works from you! :)

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